My Hobby Journey

Why I’ve decided not to sell my work.

[UPDATE:] *Just to be extra clear, i'm most defiantly not complaining about being asked for STLs, in fact that's a big compliment. I'm more referencing those who pester and who seemingly become personally offended when they find out the potentially IP infringing design isn't going to be made publicly available.(admittedly this appears to be a … Continue reading Why I’ve decided not to sell my work.

Reallocation Of Resources

So, little change to the normal programming. Here’s some of what I’ve been working on. Sorry, it’s not mini related. But I did use a 3D printer 😉 Face shields for the local A&E. First batch will be heading there tomorrow with further batches to follow. Fingers cross they won’t even be needed.

Plasma Decimator

Now that the rear section is printed and in place, the Plasma ‘Decimator’ is coming together nicely. Still needs another support, the recoil dampening system and the rail/pivot system, but it gives a good idea of how things should look when finished.

Plasma Support

Test print for the plasma ‘destroyer’, ‘annihilator’? supports has come out pretty well. Not perfect and needs a few tweaks (plus more skulls and greebles), but it’s heading in the right direction. Still might need to ‘beef up’ the supports, or add grav plates somewhere. Any thoughts?

I’ve Had An Idea

I've had an idea. 3D printed ships plasma obliterator based around a thermic plasma regulator. Basic outline is there, just needs detailing and polishing. I'm thinking 2 of these should make good scenic additions to my WIP kill team board.