Messing Around

Little messing around in photoshop, experimenting with how to paint up the Necron battery objectives/scenery I’ve been printing (and maybe a a future kill team board section). Theres gona be lots of airbrush, varnish layers and washes going on.


Trying something at little different with this fella. Again trying to speed things up. I’ve tried out War Colours translucent set over the standard grey primer and white ink zenital. Then gloss coated to allow flow improved inks to sink nicely into the recesses. The priming, base colouring and gloss coat we’re all applied with … Continue reading Zoat!

How I Model Minis In Sketchup – The Very Basics Principles

Although this will be a relatively simple example intended to explain some basic principles, we will be assuming a basic level of familiarity with Sketchup. Therefore if the program is completely new to you, I’d recommend taking a look over on Youtube for some walkthrough tutorials. Here’s a great place to start: Getting Started With … Continue reading How I Model Minis In Sketchup – The Very Basics Principles

Must Stop Printing & Start Painting.

Although I still have a heap of terrain to finish, I just can’t help messing about in CAD. Here’s a few things I’ve been working on recently. Update on the giant plasma (now to be know as the Abolisher Pattern). All parts ‘finished’ and ready to print. Although the only significant change is the addition … Continue reading Must Stop Printing & Start Painting.