Hi! and welcome to LittlePlasticPeople.com.

In the future (the near future i hope), you’ll be able to find links to current projects along with tutorials, a gallery and much more.

For now though, here’s a brief introduction for anyone who’s interested:

My name is Steve Smith and i’ve been dabbling in the mini wargame hobby since 2nd edition of 40K.

I’m also known as ‘Hits’ over on DakkaDakka.com. Although i haven’t posted much there in a while, preferring to share and get involved with the hobby more recnetly via Facebook and Instagram (where i post as Steve Smith/4TK Steve).

Along with painting, sculpting, resin casting and more recently 3D printing projects, I also (back in 2014) created and completed a successful Kickstarter called ‘Warboard‘, which was/is ‘a quick, easy, attractive and cost effective playing area for 28mm tabletop wargaming and role play.’ (Check out the link if you’d like to know more).

Prior to this i also should some of my sculpts and parts via a small online store (Warsmith.co.uk).

Back to the future……

This site is currently intended to be a hub for collating and logging my hobby journey going forward. I hope to keep it ‘regularly’ updated with arguably ‘interesting’ and ‘helpful’ content, be that via project log, blog, tutorials etc.

If you made it this far, thank you! Please feel free to like, share and comment, all of which would be much appreciated. Hopefully speak to you soon!

Cheers, SteveEmojo-Steve-Up-Studs