Better Late Than Never

So……………. It’s been a while since I posted anything up on the blog. To be honest its not like I haven’t been hobby-ing, I’ve just been spending more time over on instagram ( and Facebook ( /, where I’ve been pretty active for the last year.

But for anyone not over in those areas on the interwebs, here’s a snapshot of the most recent project I’ve been working on:


The ‘Unsung Hero’ is something i’ve been working on for quite a while on and off. It’s the first diorama i’ve attempted since getting back into the hobby after a 10ish year break.

The idea came about as I have always loved the Arvus and Thunderbolt Pilot minis, so really just wanted an excuse to paint them and do something fun.

As the title implies, I’m trying to portray a feeling of modest and resilient pride, while also hinting that the ‘hero’ might not just be the pilot. I envisage the pilot has already run unnumbered sorties and he’s dismounting knowing he’ll be back up again as soon as the Arvus is ready to go again.

As a secondary composition consideration, I really wanted to push the level of interest across the piece. Although it has an obvious viewing angle, I’ve tried to provide something interesting to be seen from all angles. Whether rightly or wrongly this ended up creating a bit of an easter egg hunt with a few extra little details here and there.

Eventually I ended up modelling everything except the pilot and plinth from scratch (pilot is the FW mini and the plinth was made by crazywenky to a custom design I sent over to them).

The majority of what can be seen was designed in CAD by myself and printed via a resin 3D printer (also by myself), this let me set the piece up, create and place details virtually, even going as far as to test out some basic colours with a few digital renders. Much of this progress, from conception to completion was catalogued via my Instagram under the hashtag #thearvusproject.

If you’d like to see more, please check out my instagram (

Cheers for reading,


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