Trying something at little different with this fella. Again trying to speed things up. I’ve tried out War Colours translucent set over the standard grey primer and white ink zenital. Then gloss coated to allow flow improved inks to sink nicely into the recesses.

The priming, base colouring and gloss coat we’re all applied with an airbrush, the inks were then applied with a brush. This all took about two hours (including going back an forth a few times, trying a different colour combinations).

Really looking forward to trying something new with the ‘belly pouch’ area in this guy. The plan is to use a marble technique to emulate a plasma glow, similar to the box art (maybe).

Unfortunately the gloss coat is messing with the cameras ability to accurately pick up the colours and contrast (at least under my work lighting). So I’ll take some more pics once I’ve knocked it back with a matt coat. But I’ve still got some inks to apply and blending to attempt before we get there.

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