Must Stop Printing & Start Painting.

Although I still have a heap of terrain to finish, I just can’t help messing about in CAD. Here’s a few things I’ve been working on recently.

Update on the giant plasma (now to be know as the Abolisher Pattern). All parts ‘finished’ and ready to print. Although the only significant change is the addition of a new printable centre body section, instead of utilising a GW plasma regulator and a few locating pins.

As you can see, the model breaks down in to component parts so that it can be printed on the Elegoo Mars I’m currently using (there’s close to 30 hours of print time in one of these BFGs).

Next up is some expansion pieces for Zone Mortalis. these are pretty basic at the moment, but I plan to add more variety, details, greebles and damage, along with some extra and larger elements to add some individuality.

Single wall sections
Double height wall sections
Shelving inserts
Passageway/alcove options

One of the double height wall sections is currently printing, so fingers crossed I can post up a real world example or two soon.

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