Making Progress

First off, Happy New Year!

So, I’m still slowly but surely making my way though the Dark Uprising scenery, but thought I’d give myself a little break trying something new. Specifically, using transfers for writing on screens.

If I was to do it again, I think I’d do it a little differently and probably not rush it as much as I have here (the mound of scenery is going to take until 2021 if i take the same time over it as I tend to with minis). But here’s a basic break down:

  • Primed
  • Dark aluminium (Vallejo Metal Colour)
  • Heavy ink wash through the airbrush, with thinner and flow improver mixed in to make it pool/splatter. I used several inks to mix up a big batch in a separate bottle, but the colour was essentially a warm dark brown.
  • Dry brush Dark Aluminium (using a big soft makeup brush).
  • AK interactive rust wash in a few spots/nooks.
  • Ask interactive dark brown wash in a few creases.
  • Green Vallejo inks over the screens.
  • Micro sol/set white transfers into place
  • Green ink over the top to tint the transfers.
  • Black ink for the shadows.
  • Green to yellow for the highlights.
  • White ink dots for reflections.

Now that this mini side project is out of the way, it’s on to masking and spraying the remaining scenery, before a final round of weathering/details.

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